Tuesday, 3 July, 2007

Connecting to HuB in hostel (For chat only)

before I start with all this I want you to warn about couple of things.

  1. Doing this might be actually wasting your time "not working"
  2. This might be a problem with few offices, where they don't allow p2p connections. Technically it's not p2p ( chat only case ) , but hey the admins are fools, they just wanna get you for nothing.
So, as we have got the things sorted out, I am stating the original posts, which happen to be here and here.

If you read the above posts, there is just a few steps you need to know.
1. Install hamachi, join the network - btech2003, for password of the network you need to mail me.
2. download DC++ client. You can find one here.
3. Get a VIP account from me. ( Gtalk/GMail ID is abhishek [dot] chhajer)
4. Connect and waste your time chatting!

And yea btw, the counselling for B.Tech. 2007 is over and I will let you know the cut-off and post some pics if I can walk out of my room and take them from the ppl who have those. :-)

PS: This might sound kinda weird for 2001 people, as they never got to see what we built after they left :D


Chintan Agarwal said...

Waiting for the cut-off!

DarK said...

cut-off ?

Fiery Shadow said...

Aieee rank till where students got admissions ....

Anonymous said...

First Person in Wait List has 8300 AIEEE Rank

DarK said...

i was hoping the cutoff to go higher this time.. but looks like Gujarat government reservation bill screwed things up for us.

Anonymous said...

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