Saturday, 7 July, 2007

College Dazs

college Dazs
college Dazs

Dazs of fun and sorrow
Dazs of excitement and anxiety
Dazs of innumerable hrs of sleep
Dazs without any tension………….
Dazs with and without exams…..
Dazs where passing the exams matter very little and flunking is more fun
Dazs of uncontrolled frenzy of games and powerplay
Dazs of nightouts and dormant afternoon
Dazs where morning occurs after 4:00 Pm and evening at 6:00 Am
Dazs where no day passes when we haven't curse the college administration
Dazs where we never ate without cursing the cook…
Dazs of uncontrolled fun and amity (even with flora and Fiona of institute)
Dazs of high Jinks on hostel corridor and hazy morning after boozing all night on hostel terrace…………..
Dazs of feeling very great after attending lectures after months…lol
Dazs of ragging juniors and feeling like the don of the institute
Dazs of lamenting about abysmal and Byzantine course and profs
Dazs of umpteen cigarette and smoke …..
Dazs of sitting with whole group and killing time….
Dazs of happy and sad and neither sad nor happy Dazs
Dazs of unnecessary debates, bickering and sledging
Dazs of slovenly and indolence
Dazs of learning and experimentation
Dazs of doing all except what being told to do in lab…
Dazs of orkutting and playing in labs and pissing off the TA's and lab Assistants
Dazs of waking 10 minutes before exam and scurrying through the course notes…
Dazs of brethren and synergy and juggling
Dazs of being frenetic and obnoxious and chaotic
Dazs of TV serials and movies
Dazs of going to interview and gabbling
Dazs of doing bhangra on navrati and on DJ Nights
Dazs of learning the technicality of Cut-Copy and Paste
Dazs of going to labs 10 minutes before and arguing with TA for attendance
Dazs of proxies and sleeping in class with eye half open….
Dazs of studying with girl friend in library when we want to do everything except studying

college Dazs
college Dazs

This was mailed to me by "Deepak Agrawal"


Calvin said...

Use of "Days" instead of "Dazs" would have probably made the poem a bit more readable!

anyway, enough with the nostalgia already... we all love the college! I guess we should all just except it and talk about other things in life!

DarK said...

ranjit/ranjeeeeeeeeeet.. i will just re-type what chintan said earlier..

"wait till you also leave the college"