Saturday, 30 June, 2007

We have no life!

Apart from reading never ending news about iPhone in various RSS feeds in the past few days, I happen to meet Prateek Dubey, who just came from MICA on weekends to work on his BTP! (heck no.. all he was talking about MICA, series like House and 4400). While talking to him he mentioned about how DAiiCTians have no life!

It just happens in MICA people are from various states and academic backgrounds, who were bored to hell in their first 2 weeks of the new semester. So Prateek took them down to McD, and the way he explained the expressions on their faces, it made me think.

Do DAiiCTians really have no life (not in absolute sense)? I mean if you consider my case I can be found sitting on my PC 30 secs after I am awake, and sitting there till I am asleep, sometimes on the chair itself. So some of you can say that I have no life. But what about rest of you in DA-IICT and what about you doing a job out there?

Musings of a Confused Mind (Part I)

"I want a Red Ferrari"
"I want to see the world"
"I want a girlfriend who doesn't ask about my whereabouts every 2 minutes when I am with my other friends!"
"I want a brain that works"
"I just need an IPOD"

Small little things in life. Everybody is looking out for them. Some profound! Some not so profound! But we are all running after them. And we should. What's their to look forward to otherwise?

Anyway, the point that I wanted to make expands into the Pink Floyd theory of Time.

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
You fritter and waste the hours in an off hand way
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way

Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain
You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

The Starting Gun is probably the only thing that counts. Some of us missed it. Some of us are on our way. For the people who are in between. Run faster! The race is long and though probably it ends up just being with yourself. But it's the people around you in the race that make it more exciting!

Friday, 29 June, 2007

Weekly Roundup

A week for daiictians,
14-some posts,
42 contributors
Number 1 position on Google search...

Not Bad. But not yet good enough! With 40+ contributors, We surely can write a lot more! and what do we write? Well write about where you are, Anything interesting to share with others or just a small hi :)!

Just to ensure that the site it utilized to the fullest, I'll describe some of the features of the website to you:
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  • Below the feeds is the block named "Elsewhere..". In this block you will see what other daiictians have posted on their own blogs recently.. If you want your blog to be added to that list, please mail the link of the blog to "". I'll add them add them as soon as possible to the tracker.
  • Below the recent comments is the Polls section. Do vote on those about-weekly polls!
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This is all for now but we would sure enough keep the changes coming... Meanwhile just a reminder: If you are a daiictian, You have the right to post on this blog(of course others have that too :) Just let me or abhishek know your email address so that we can add you to the list of contributors. Mail us at: "" or abhishek[dot]chhajer@gmail[dot]com


Thursday, 28 June, 2007

Links # 3

Here is a newer collection of links I have recently gone through

Look at the thehumorarchives links.. they are simply awesome

Technorati Tags: ,

art wants to be free

I am writing this right now because ten years down the line, either I would be successful in what I'm trying to do or have given up and am leading a 9-5 vegetable life. In both cases I would have lost the feeling I have right now. So this is the best time to communicate it.

Art and business do not seem to enjoy each others' company. At least thats what people in their mid forties would tell you. They will either say that art is for the rich and famous or tell you that art is not for sale. I beg to differ here, its like saying that art is a catholic and business is an asshole (read: makes no sense). Infact I beg to rubbish both the two notions. I believe that art can be free but artists can still make a handsome living. For me, art wants to be free. It wants to reach people. It wants to entertain and enthrall the masses. The distribution can cost but not the art. Thats the prime philosophy of TempoStand, which, if I may be allowed to digress, is wrongly being promoted as the first statup of DA-IICT. It isn't. Ankit Agarwal and Pavitar Singh both have been involved in their respective startups earlier and I may be missing a few I do not know of.

Coming back to the point. Our music is free for people who want to listen and enjoy. We will charge for distributing CDs and we will charge for people who want to remix the songs and market them. If you subscribe to our feeds (either via a subscriber or by email) , you would see that all our songs are available as podcasts, so it is free for everyone. However we believe that people would buy audio CDs of our albums too. People who want to support their favorite bands and us would buy their merchandise. There are several ways of earning money on the web, most of them apply to TempoStand too.

So its an idea that we believe in, more important than the idea is the fact that we believe in something. Unlike most hypocritical entrepreneurs I will not say that we are confident of where we will ten years from now, but starting and failing is much better than standing safe and observing. We are anxious and touchy, but we are loving every moment of it. Learning things the hard way is fun and it stays.

My father, a chief engineer with the State Electricity Board having an experience of 33 years, says "have fun with ideas, this is the only time of your life when you will have some of your own".

Wednesday, 27 June, 2007

You've got mail

This is the mail got from someone that I dont know. Dont know how he\she got this confusion.

"Dear Mr Bhardwaj,
let me first introduce myself. I am working with Mr Sumit Katyal, the owner of the ICICI credit card. Today some Mr Khan called up in our office for the due payment of the credit card. I have a complain. its very annoying becoz he talked in such abusive way. This is actually not the correct way of talking. Now i want to make it clear that i would be paying the amount only when Mr Khan would visit our office and appologise for his deed.
Kindly look inthe matter urgently.
Thaks & regards.
LD Sharma"

This is what I replied.

"Dear LD Sharma,

I am grieved by the whole incident and would like to extend my heartfelt apology. I am sorry the way things turned out to be. I would be more than happy to dismiss Mr. Khan for his bad behavior and insubordination but unfortunately Mr. Khan is directly related to Mr. Dawood Ibrahim.

Now I have two kids and a wife and a mistress, and would like to keep it that way. Therefore the apology from Mr. Khan will not be forthcoming, but I would like to assure you I would do my best to rectify the problem, if you could just tell me the whole incident in detail.

Sandeep Bhardwaj"

hehehe...........guess Mr. LD Sharma will be pretty pissed off.

DA-IICT Scoop - Best way to exit DA-IICT

If you want to watch a larger print goto my flickr album, but I don't think it's needed.
The best way to exit daiict
So, do you know someone who took their advice ?

Tuesday, 26 June, 2007

The Earth and all (a story)

The Earth and all

... giving an extra shuffle to an already well-shuffled pack of cards. You know it will change your luck, but you don't whether for better or worse. - James Glieck in CHAOS: Making a New Science

Long long time before this time, there was an earth, a moon, a sun. And there were others who we don't bother about much. The earth used to be hot, very hot. Then it had something to do with the little molecule and all. But we will not bother about those either. The lead role of this story is being played by Earth. Sun is suspected to be the father of earth, I mean that's what we think happened, that Sun wanted to have 9 kids or something, and so it dropped 9 small pieces and they became his kids, who kept bothering him for a long time, going round and round him asking for money and all. Its a little strange, I mean, who wants kids like those, and who gets kids like this, by dropping parts of himself. But that is what we believe happened. (The exact number of kids are still not known, there are rumours sometimes that sun has other kids, which nobody is sure of as of now, but well, let's leave him alone, sun would be the last thing I would want to gossip about)

So the Earth, like i said before, was very hot. And sun, did not want his kids to be as hot-tempered as he was. (Its common with almost all parents that they don't want their kids to do things that they think they did wrong, but they all know nothing about James Glieck and Chaos and shuffled pack of cards and all). So basically sun wanted Earth to be a good boy, he took help of certain little molecules to do that. Those molecules didn't know what they were doing though but they did cool earth down by using some other molecules. Anyway, what happened, in all of this was that, Earth became all blue. all blue. And then suddenly strange things started happening. Earth started getting certain kind of fungal infections. It was a green colour kind of thing. Very strange. When these strange things started happening, Earth asked Sun for help. Sun was confused, he had sent the little molecules to cool earth down, but well, he didnt ever expect it turn out this way (I told you, shuffling a shuffled pack of cards...). In the meantime, the green thing was spreading over earth's body which was not covered by water (How water came, is another story).

Sun thought, probably, if he heated earth up, these fungii will go off. So he did, when he did, he ended up drying up more water, and all the fungii got even more place to spread. (Remember, shuffled pack of cards). So, what could he do. Sun was help-less. Infact, it was later learnt that these fungii used sun's light to cook food for themselves. Earth asked help from her brothers and sisters, they had no clue either.To Sun's rescue came the STAR broadcaster (Ok, this is not the TV that you see, they have copied the name though, the purpose was similar, it was the source of entertainment(!) and mis-information for the stars), which said that there was one way. It showed the progress of technology in the galaxy. And it was great. Sun didn't like the broadcasts earlier but a close friend (read one of the Centauri brothers) told him about it and only then did he discover that Earth's was a known problem. There were shampoos available which released agents all over the body. The agents then took care of themselves and slowly got rid of the fungii. Sun suggested Earth to use these.

There were many brands available. All of them worked on a similar concept. The shampoo was applied, and it released very tiny agents on the body which grew and slowly took care of the fungal infection. The agents grew in different shapes and sizes. The shampoos looked like the shampoos, you'd bath your dog with, if you had a dog and did not have somebody else who'd give him a bath. The shampoos when rinsed, produced a great foam.Earth used it many times, we have been able to figure out about two or three times. We have also, discovered the kind of agents produced. The initial few times, the agents did not work very good, the fungii had even started growing on and underwater. The shampoo companies released newer version of shampoo which possesed ability to develop agents who'd think they are very intelligent. They would not only get earth rid of the fungus, but also will kill other agents, thereby to an extent solving the problem of cleaning the agents after the fungus was taken care of.

The shampoo company was making real big buck with this new technology. Even though nobody knew how well its going to work. So Earth shifted to the new product. Rinsed the previous shampoo. The great foam was raised all over the earth, and then later, the new shampoo came. It took few minutes for the intended agents to 'evolve'. The agents which came before the next breed of agents, thought believed that they were THE agents. They liked to believe so. The shampoo company had claimed that they were going to be 'intelligent agents'. Earth had no way to know, how 'intelligent' the agents were. The evolving agents proved James Glieck's theory about shuffled cards. They did there job allright, for sometime. Earth was happy a lot of fungi was gone. She bought another bottle of the shampoo.But the agents outdid themselves each time. They proved to be too intelligent and too diversely intelligent. They got rid of a lot of fungii, but then some of them started growing more fungii. Some of them started protecting fungii. But they were all ok, the agents that followed, started growing some other stuff. Initially, Earth ignored it. But it was too much to be ignored. The new agents started making holes on Earth's head and growing some new brown and grey colourfungii kind of stuff and this new stuff was spreading faster than the original fungii did. The salesstar who sold the shampoo said that the real agents haven't come yet, and Earth did not need to worry and MUST not rinse it, because the intended agents had not yet been developed.It was very itchy all that stuff, they were growing. Earth shook hard sometimes, sometimes it shook even harder. But it did not seem to solve a lot of problems.

Sometimes, Earth wondered about the purpose of its life, it wondered for how long will she keep going around the sun asking for stuff, and it wondered if that was the real purpose of its life. Or was it something else, was it some greater deed that was in store for here.Some other times, she just itched herself. Sometimes, she got some small kids floating around to itch here or there. All they could really do was hit as hard as they could.And the stuff continued to grow. The agents were underestimated, they became communicable and started troubling Earth's adopted son (read moon) and Marsi, Earth's favourite sibling. It led to differences between Earth and Marsi, Marsi complained to Sun. Sun was watching all this, and was helpless. The shampoo company said, don't rinse, wait, Marsi said, get rid of the thing, u've begun to look ugly, Moon said nothing. Earth itched.

(Theauthor claims lack of imagination is the reason for having no knowledge of the story beyond this point. Imagination claims, it has nothing to do with this disaster.)
(James Glieck has nothing to do with all of this, niether do his cards)

I feel funny posting the same thing everywhere, but it was Avi who asked me to ask me to post it here, and I usually cant say no to such temptations. This story was originally published at, and later at

DA-IICT Scoop - IDEA ppl


Today few people from Idea came checking for students who haven't paid their pending bills and since they have left the college, I don't think they will. They(Idea ppl) were saying that there will be legal actions against the students. I posted just so that you know about the situation, if it bothers you then pay your bills, else hf!

PS : We started this place, so that ppl can tell us about what is happening in their part of the world and NOT just to hear my useless ramblings. Think about it.

hf = have fun (Just in case!)

Monday, 25 June, 2007

DA-IICT Scoop - It's Raining here in Gandhinagar

As I have mentioned earlier.. I am still in DA-IICT and it's raining here since few days.. so I decided to take few pictures from my 3.2MP camera. If you want some details about the pictures you can visit my flickr album

All the Dustbins now have a USE ME tag nowadays!

Some Notes...

Hello Every one!

So here we have ONE more initiative from Abhishek Chhajer after the forum(ofcourse with navina and many others), DC++ and Gurus(with Kanishk). Did you know all this was done by this dork(or is it dark :) )?

Thumbs up for him!

Also everyone reading this blog: Please tell everyone you know about this blog and tell them to join it. In case you want to contribute to the blog, please post your gmail id(not the whole email address so that no spam comes your way) as a comment to this post.

Finally, Keep this blog alive by posting good stuff :)

Keep Blogging!

ps: subscribe to this blog's rss feeds available from top right to get the latest updates!

UPDATE: Keeping this post on top for one more day so that people can reply to comments and we can add them. Please do post your gmail id . :)

Sunday, 24 June, 2007

Microsoft Surface

Here is a parody video about Microsoft Surface (RSS Feeds aren't showing the video.. you will need to come to blog to watch it)

The original post is here. I dunno why the video on the site isn't loading.. so I decided to put it here.
PS: The video might be old for people inside DA-IICT, but for others it's still new. So hf !!

Saturday, 23 June, 2007

Links # 2

Links from Engadget
  1. Nokia N95 + RC plane = unlimited DIY aerial photography - Pretty cool idea
  2. Brando's USB-powered aquarium: for the fish owner to-be - Even better
  3. Jet packs for sale! Life insurance sold separately - Ermm....
PS : I have added 4 new pictures on my flickr album, you can view them here.

Links # 1

Here is an installment of interesting links I found recently

  1. Good Quotations by famous people - Discovered by Bokaro
  2. It's Hard To Run a Blog In Sweden - Slashdot
  3. Microsoft Was Distributing Ubuntu Linux - Slashdot
  4. Zwok - Free game.. very addictive
  5. Linux like Windows - Funneh!

For those who play games and like the Desktop TD game.. good news for them.. a new version of TD is released :-), find the game here.


Since we started DC++ in DAIICT, just in case to clear myself of all guilt, we started it as a solution for both students and DAIICT admins. In case you don't understand it feel free to ask it later(comments). For now to the main story, since start of DC++ I have been getting these kind of messages...
(naman) >>>>thr?
(me) >>>yea
(naman) >>do u kno ne1 who has west wing?
(me) >nope
(naman) k
At times it makes me think.. God dammit.. I am not a f***ing directory. Do you agree ?

A story

Doped monk, for all u unaware with my handle, this is Sandy.

Once there was a Scorpion and a Frog. The scropion asked frog to carry him across the river on his back. Frog "No dude, if I carry u, u will sting me." Scorpion says "If I do that we both will drown." Frog says "uh-huh k." As they are in the middle of river the dumb scorpion stings the frog. While they both were drowning flabbergasted frog asked him "why?????" Scorpion replied "its in my nature."

The incredible thing in these four years is that no one changed. Now, that I see in retrospect you could pretty much guess what will the first-year-you turn into as a fourth-year-you. Achal Bhaiyya never drank or doped despite his constant company of shady creatures like me. I became this get-ready-to-do-whatever idiot which I always knew I would become. Ranjit still works hard, Mohit still keeps reminding people of their utter inability to achieve greatness (not in words but by raising the bar, he is right now eating in Bill Gates' house, that SOB). Geeks remained geeks, Dorks remained dorks, Bakchods remained so. So, AOE might have been replaced by CS, Comics replaced by science fiction, Spielberg replaced by Linklater or Lucky Ali by Porcupine Tree. But these are all just accesories of our lives. They do not define us, they are just something from outer world touching our inner fears, eccentricities and dreams. And this is what indentifies us, sets us apart. Our identities, most precious possesions from our vast array of "things".

Bottom line is we are just the same as we were four years back, the college just showed new horizons and possibilities. What we chose to persue from that huge collection of possibilities is result of our core values not our surroundings. So you should be satisfied with what you are into because YOU chose it.

One corollary can be, dont compare yourself with your peers and what they have achieved or other way round because of the desicions they took. Because you might seem to working in parallel lines but trust me you are actually in a completely different universes.

Friday, 22 June, 2007

Update # 1

Just a quick clarification,
This blog is not supposed to be only B.Tech. 2003, as it says For DAiiCTians in/out there. It means it is supposed to be a common place for everyone who is/was ever linked with DA-IICT in any form.

About me : I will be joining Chennai Mathematical Institute in early august. I wonder what I will get to eat there, coz everyone saying Idli-Rasam is all you get. More updates once I get there.
Just bought a Sony Ericsson K800i, so taking pics while I am still in college. Watch few pics here.


Hello and welcome,
This is the place where we lay the groundwork for this blog. I know most of you might think I have nothing else to do, well that is quite true ;)
I am stuck here in DA-IICT paying for my deeds and creating more and more blogs :)

First why one more blog ? or more specific why this blog?
Well as my idea for follows, this is also meant to be a common blog. Here you can write about anything, everything. It can range from your weird ideas to a bad experiences. I am new to blogger so I have no idea if there is any limit on number of users that can be added to a single blog. If the limit is less than 50 then I will delete this blog.
To have a greater idea of what you can put here,
  • Blog posts of you OWN blog
  • Any random thought
  • Collection of good links
  • Stuff happening in your lives
  • News ( not necessarily related to DA-IICT )
  • Review of a new movie/TV show you have recently seen
  • Joined a job or college tell us about the place!
  • Awards/Competitions anyone ?
  • Any good games or time pass stuff on web
  • Pictures you have recently taken on a trip
I guess that covers many things. But as I said you can post anything related to you, or something you want people to know about.
Only thing which is discouraged is COPY+PASTE. I know we all are good at that part (heck that's how most of us passed B.Tech.), but it's discouraged here. However you can post your own view about any post, news and similar stuff.

That's all fellas.. hope you join us soon.

Till then...