Wednesday, 4 July, 2007

Ahmedabad: City of Specialised Institutions

The state of Gujarat has been typically considered to be lagging in terms of education. However, Ahmedabad and its periphery has some of the most renowned institutes in some specialised fields(Unfortunately, there is no one university encompassing them. In fact I was wondering if we could have a top-100 university, worldwide, if all these institutes could be brought under an autonomous university structure) . Here is a non-comprehensive list of some of them:-
  1. IIM Ahmedabad(General Management)
  2. MICA Ahmedabad(Communication and advertising Management)
  3. DA-IICT(Information and Communication Technology)
  4. NIE(Entrepreneurship)
  5. NIFT(Fashion Technology)
  6. NID(Design)
  7. NICM(Cooperative management)
  8. NIF(Innovation)
  9. CEPT(Environmental Planning)
  10. CEE(Environment Education)
  11. IRMA(Rural Management)
I wonder if any other place in India has that number of high quality institutes of national level in that many diverse fields.


DarK said...

technically DA-IICT in gandhinagar,
but yeah good thing to point out.. especially when Gujarati's go more in business side.

Calvin said...

You forgot to mention IIHM... Indian Institute of Hotel Management.

Chintan Agarwal said...

Did not know about that! Is it really good?
My post mentions Ahmedabad and periphery, so DAIICT is included!

Prateek Dubey said...

MICA is a PGDM in Communications Management.

Communications management caters to Media, Branding, Marketing, Marketing Research and Advertising. MICA is NOT about advertising only. In fact Media is BIG, really BIG in MICA. Advertising is just the traditional forte

Chintan Agarwal said...

And recently I read about this institute of Petroleum Management!

Anonymous said...

hey chintan!

is NIFT around DAIICT? what is the life outside the premises of daiict like? are the students allowed to go out of the premises?if yes,is the city very far away from the college?

answer soon