Saturday, 30 June, 2007

We have no life!

Apart from reading never ending news about iPhone in various RSS feeds in the past few days, I happen to meet Prateek Dubey, who just came from MICA on weekends to work on his BTP! (heck no.. all he was talking about MICA, series like House and 4400). While talking to him he mentioned about how DAiiCTians have no life!

It just happens in MICA people are from various states and academic backgrounds, who were bored to hell in their first 2 weeks of the new semester. So Prateek took them down to McD, and the way he explained the expressions on their faces, it made me think.

Do DAiiCTians really have no life (not in absolute sense)? I mean if you consider my case I can be found sitting on my PC 30 secs after I am awake, and sitting there till I am asleep, sometimes on the chair itself. So some of you can say that I have no life. But what about rest of you in DA-IICT and what about you doing a job out there?


Prateek said...

dark bhaiya! don't forget that I did come back to daiict depsite all the MICA chutiyapa. As much as I hate this place (with my lingering BTP and all :) ) there seriously is NO place like DA-IICT. abbe this is home ..
What I did want to say however that people from other metros have had a much more outgoing social life than we have here.

Still, NOTHING beats
1. DC++
2. Daddu/FC/erstwhile CJ/all night brajwasi
3. DA-IICT Campus
4. (Believe it or not) Library
5. Chilled out people here

and so much more. shit man.. i miss this place. but thats ok MICA has 50:50 gender ratio. and girls the way they were supposed to be :P

DarK said...

ok, just to clear out things prateek, this was not supposed to offend you in any way (some of the ppl here think, i did). It's just that when i talked to you the idea just stuck my mind. And I do get to hear this phrase quite often --> "GET A LIFE"

Kanishk said...

Reminds me of southpark..

z3phyr said...

damn wht u miss the most are the people..:(

Sophomore said...

sab log faltoo kaam nahin karte
ab mujhe hi le lo
heh heh!!

even though we just have one branch among 1200 ppl, it's heartening to note that all kinds of ppl can be found crawling over the campus!!

be it g33ks,vociferous variety(any guess who),or the social activists

ek aur the admin
remove the snap thing from all the links....keep it only for important links such as contributor pages etc etc...

can be done...i am sure you'll know what to do...remove the snap thing for in-house links

anyway...ab comp pe time kharaab karna hai


Avi said...

k.. will do it.. maybe tomorrow :)

howler said...

i miss the college... not in the way it makes me sad.. but whenever I talk to people there's always 1 or 2 words in the conversation which is specific to one whole incidence related to college... God I have so many DAIICTian stories to tell... how come it's a no LIFE?