Tuesday, 30 October, 2007

News Feeds

Help me here,
Is there any website which provides RSS feed which contains the whole news content and not only the headlines. I am sick of reading only headlines, so stopped reading news at all, which is not really good.
So if you know any website which provides Indian and/or international news in RSS feed itself, please do inform me.

Thanks a lot

Monday, 29 October, 2007

Quotes from my head

Some of my "Original" creation
  1. The only bad thing about linux is, out of 10 great features described, you are unable to get 10 of them working.
  2. Running Windows in Vmware for Linux is like : Running Windows in a window
One of expanded version (not original)
  1. There are 11 kinds of people. Those who know binary notation, those who do not and those who are too stupid to comprehend it!

Saturday, 13 October, 2007

For Ubuntu Users

For the LUG

My life and Windows Vista

OK, where do I start..
well I just HATE it.
I am not a person who will argue that Linux is better then Windows (I am using linux nowadays, except when I play some game). But I'll say that Windows XP was far better than Windows Vista.
I have no friggin idea why Vista is accessing my hard disk so heavily all the time, please don't give me spyware/virus/worms crap, I know that much about computers atleast. But Vista is plane crap. And I'll say 1 more thing, if the warranty violation was not the problem, I would have removed vista from my laptop long back.
Microsoft says - Vista has so far the least number of bugs then any other Microsoft OS. I'd say it took them 5+ years to make this piece of shit!

Also one more thing, I just tried to shutdown my machine, and Vista starts installing updates right after it logs me off!! It took about 20 minutes to install those updates.
I mean wtf, there is an option to install updates and shutdown, and I din't want to use it, that's why I just selected to shutdown. This doesn't end here, it says while installing updates DO NOT POWEROFF THE COMPUTER.
Consider this scenario, my laptop has 2-3 minutes of battery power left. I select shutdown, Vista starts it's 20 minutes of update install, and assume update is like Service Pack 1 or something, which on interruption will screw up your computer for sure, now what choice do I have. I have 2 minutes of power left and 20 minutes of installation to do, and no power source to attach my laptop to :(

PS : I like some features in Vista, the music management is awesome and few other features are also good, but it still doesn't make it usable.

Note : This is written by POV of a user, and not a programmer etc etc, Microsoft can say this is the greatest software made in history of mankind and 98% of people will buy that. Yes Linux userbase is about 2% in desktops!. Please correct me if I am wrong, last thing I want is to incorrectly quote Linux hard earned market share :)

Friday, 12 October, 2007

And it changed at last...

New look DAIICT website is up and running...

Nothing is better than a change and that too after 6 years of same old boorish(as in clumsy) bluish tinge haunting our College's website. Ever since my second or 3rd year at DAIICT the question of a new website has been equivocated by Profs and students alike.

Lots has been talked about the Website in Batch of 2006 mailing list, the few good things coming out of this,

  • A good, neat and clean UI.
  • Proper info everywhere, FAQ's, Alumni pages are quite good.
  • Finally all the clubs, committees and activities in college given a proper placing on website.

etc etc.

Hope now people applying outside India won't face many issues with regards to Website as all the information has been put up quite nicely.

Kudos to the team involved!!!

Btw last few weeks our people from our batch have been quite nostalgic when it comes to college. All was triggered by this pic sent by Vivek,

This pic reminds me of the countless nightouts at DAIICT, seems to be taken around 4-5 in morning this one.

And then this website thing and then there were mails forwarding pics of Profs and all, and mails about the new E-Cell at our college...

College was great, miss it like anything... as we realized during the Bangalore Meet last month

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Thursday, 11 October, 2007

DAIICT site's new look

Finally, we have a better site! Check it out, its cool.