Thursday, 5 July, 2007

Hello all...

Seems like old days to be among fellow DA-IICTians and blog. I am Naresh, from the Class of 2006. Still into the post DA-IICT Syndrome, I was itching to write somewhere completely dedicated to DA-IICT. Thank god, I found this place!
If you were wondering what the Post DA-IICT Syndrome is, it is just missing DA-IICT. While we were at DA-IICT, though most of us liked the place, we never sang paeans of it. But once we left it, we realise what all are so unique about DA-IICT. There's no place like our college, people... I envy all of you who are there now, having a time of your life... Enjoyyy!
Here are some nostalgic posts by my friends about our college:


DarK said...

well welcome here and, I am quite sure that I won't miss this place as much as I have read in the links you posted ;-)

Chintan Agarwal said...

Wait till you actually get out of daiict!