Thursday, 19 July, 2007

Placements @ DA-IICT 2007 Update II

Wipro - 55 Offers
TCS - 100 Offers
MSIT people a little confused, as out of 37 MSIT passed in Wipro Exam, only 1 selected. They are planning now to do something.

As usual after placements fever is on. Those who are selected are celebrating, while the other ones are depressed, and few like me are still waiting for some company to allow them to even take the test!

Well lets hope everyone who deserves to be placed gets placed.

A news is TCS rejected by 51 students already!
Considering their last year record with us, I think they will take it pretty hard when only 20/100 Offers are accepted.
Note : I am saying 20 on past year experience.

What's Next : Patni Computer Services, thing to note is they kept us in C Grade College last year with 1.8 Package, this year they offering 3.2lpa, so i guess our Grades have improved.


DaDa said...

I am sure this time everyone will get placed.
For those who couldnt appear for whatever the reason(maybe <60%), they wil have to bank upon the limited chances they will get, but if one tries hard even one chance is enough.
So Best of Luck to all....

Rahul said...

All the best

taraka said...

microsoft take any1??