Friday, 6 July, 2007

Musings of a Confused Mind (Part II)

We are suffering from a modern disease called Information Anxiety, which victimizes mainly those people who are not on earth for a vacation and who know that, in order to go on, they have to aim at personal growth and at a better quality life. In such cases, otaining and processing information are basic and due, to the great variety and quantity in which the information is offered, we start shivering when we see the piles of newpapers, magazines and the like getting higher in front of our eyes at a much faster speed than our processing capacity. This anxiety can drive you mad if you don't pay attention to and become conscious of how you are using your time and start selecting what you take in.

Now for people like us, who probably end up reading Times of India and know India Today as the only magazine to refer to... that too for college rankings! This seems like a far-fetched dream. But with the whopping number on Television Channels, Websites, Newsletters, Books, Yellow Pages that we know of, sometimes you do get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. You watch three programs at the same time, have hundreds of tabs on your browser, surf through pages of books without reading a single word... information passes by without registering into our minds. We don't even remember the brand name after watching a cool advertisement. We ignore details just to cope up with the amount of information around.

Its strange... but the way our brain ignores information is probably the only thing that keeps us sane!

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Fiery Shadow said...

I think our brain as developed the ability to extract relevant information without reading/looking at the whole information...

We do remember the brand names of the products which are relevant to us others just pass by...

So it is not our inability to cope up with the information but in fact our ability to only register important information to our minds

btw nice label for the post