Monday, 23 July, 2007

Guess who starred in Microsoft Advertisment!

Note: This is not Photoshop effect. Click on image to read the contents clearly.

At Microsoft India Development Centre (IDC), Employees were given opportunity to star in an AD for IDC Brand campaign. How could I have missed the chance to star in an AD for Microsoft? ;)

Let me take this opportunity to wish all the aspirants of Microsoft from DA-IICT “All the Best!” Hope to see many of you in Microsoft next year.

If you need any help on Microsoft selection procedure or want to know about the work culture at Microsoft, just get it touch with me and I will be happy to respond.

Saturday, 21 July, 2007

Updates at the end of Day 5

Number of job offers made : 417
Infosys 160
MindTree 060
TCS 100
Wipro 055
Patni 005
TechMahindra 008
Accenture 029

Thursday, 19 July, 2007

Placements @ DA-IICT 2007 Update II

Wipro - 55 Offers
TCS - 100 Offers
MSIT people a little confused, as out of 37 MSIT passed in Wipro Exam, only 1 selected. They are planning now to do something.

As usual after placements fever is on. Those who are selected are celebrating, while the other ones are depressed, and few like me are still waiting for some company to allow them to even take the test!

Well lets hope everyone who deserves to be placed gets placed.

A news is TCS rejected by 51 students already!
Considering their last year record with us, I think they will take it pretty hard when only 20/100 Offers are accepted.
Note : I am saying 20 on past year experience.

What's Next : Patni Computer Services, thing to note is they kept us in C Grade College last year with 1.8 Package, this year they offering 3.2lpa, so i guess our Grades have improved.

Wednesday, 18 July, 2007

Placements @ DA-IICT - 2007

Guys just a quick post.. The placements for the batch of 2008 have started.

As usual TCS came on Day-0(or whatever they call it now). Infosys and Mindtree results are out.
160 got in Infosys, Mindtree took 60. I have uploaded the .xls files with selection details, You will need to mail me if you want to see them. I am not sure if the files are private or internal information of the company.

Cheers to selected candidates.

Wednesday, 11 July, 2007

Woman President?

If elected, will Pratibha Patil be called Rashtra"patni"?

Saturday, 7 July, 2007

Mac. Nobody gives a shit.

For all those MAC lovers out there!

Courtesy: Achal Bhaiyya!

College Dazs

college Dazs
college Dazs

Dazs of fun and sorrow
Dazs of excitement and anxiety
Dazs of innumerable hrs of sleep
Dazs without any tension………….
Dazs with and without exams…..
Dazs where passing the exams matter very little and flunking is more fun
Dazs of uncontrolled frenzy of games and powerplay
Dazs of nightouts and dormant afternoon
Dazs where morning occurs after 4:00 Pm and evening at 6:00 Am
Dazs where no day passes when we haven't curse the college administration
Dazs where we never ate without cursing the cook…
Dazs of uncontrolled fun and amity (even with flora and Fiona of institute)
Dazs of high Jinks on hostel corridor and hazy morning after boozing all night on hostel terrace…………..
Dazs of feeling very great after attending lectures after months…lol
Dazs of ragging juniors and feeling like the don of the institute
Dazs of lamenting about abysmal and Byzantine course and profs
Dazs of umpteen cigarette and smoke …..
Dazs of sitting with whole group and killing time….
Dazs of happy and sad and neither sad nor happy Dazs
Dazs of unnecessary debates, bickering and sledging
Dazs of slovenly and indolence
Dazs of learning and experimentation
Dazs of doing all except what being told to do in lab…
Dazs of orkutting and playing in labs and pissing off the TA's and lab Assistants
Dazs of waking 10 minutes before exam and scurrying through the course notes…
Dazs of brethren and synergy and juggling
Dazs of being frenetic and obnoxious and chaotic
Dazs of TV serials and movies
Dazs of going to interview and gabbling
Dazs of doing bhangra on navrati and on DJ Nights
Dazs of learning the technicality of Cut-Copy and Paste
Dazs of going to labs 10 minutes before and arguing with TA for attendance
Dazs of proxies and sleeping in class with eye half open….
Dazs of studying with girl friend in library when we want to do everything except studying

college Dazs
college Dazs

This was mailed to me by "Deepak Agrawal"

Friday, 6 July, 2007

Ambush Marketing at its best!

This is an interesting piece of communication which was sent to me by one of my friends. Jet Airways, one of the leading Airways in India announced to their customers that they have changed. Kingfisher Airlines, on top of it whipped them by saying "We made them change".


Musings of a Confused Mind (Part II)

We are suffering from a modern disease called Information Anxiety, which victimizes mainly those people who are not on earth for a vacation and who know that, in order to go on, they have to aim at personal growth and at a better quality life. In such cases, otaining and processing information are basic and due, to the great variety and quantity in which the information is offered, we start shivering when we see the piles of newpapers, magazines and the like getting higher in front of our eyes at a much faster speed than our processing capacity. This anxiety can drive you mad if you don't pay attention to and become conscious of how you are using your time and start selecting what you take in.

Now for people like us, who probably end up reading Times of India and know India Today as the only magazine to refer to... that too for college rankings! This seems like a far-fetched dream. But with the whopping number on Television Channels, Websites, Newsletters, Books, Yellow Pages that we know of, sometimes you do get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. You watch three programs at the same time, have hundreds of tabs on your browser, surf through pages of books without reading a single word... information passes by without registering into our minds. We don't even remember the brand name after watching a cool advertisement. We ignore details just to cope up with the amount of information around.

Its strange... but the way our brain ignores information is probably the only thing that keeps us sane!

Thursday, 5 July, 2007

Hello all...

Seems like old days to be among fellow DA-IICTians and blog. I am Naresh, from the Class of 2006. Still into the post DA-IICT Syndrome, I was itching to write somewhere completely dedicated to DA-IICT. Thank god, I found this place!
If you were wondering what the Post DA-IICT Syndrome is, it is just missing DA-IICT. While we were at DA-IICT, though most of us liked the place, we never sang paeans of it. But once we left it, we realise what all are so unique about DA-IICT. There's no place like our college, people... I envy all of you who are there now, having a time of your life... Enjoyyy!
Here are some nostalgic posts by my friends about our college:

Project Shutter Photo Contest

Note: I am not eligible to take part in this contest. I am posting the information here so that other Photography enthusiasts can make use of it.

Microsoft has initiated a Photography Contest – the Project Shutter Photo Contest! This is aimed at enthusiasts with an eye for photogenic visuals across three themes that best represent the individual’s locality – Food, Culture and Architecture. There are tons of goodies up for grabs, including a T-Shirt every 30-minutes through the next 12 days.

Here is the site.

Be sure to check out their gallery to find some of coolest pics.

For more contest information refer to this post on gurus.

Wednesday, 4 July, 2007

Ahmedabad: City of Specialised Institutions

The state of Gujarat has been typically considered to be lagging in terms of education. However, Ahmedabad and its periphery has some of the most renowned institutes in some specialised fields(Unfortunately, there is no one university encompassing them. In fact I was wondering if we could have a top-100 university, worldwide, if all these institutes could be brought under an autonomous university structure) . Here is a non-comprehensive list of some of them:-
  1. IIM Ahmedabad(General Management)
  2. MICA Ahmedabad(Communication and advertising Management)
  3. DA-IICT(Information and Communication Technology)
  4. NIE(Entrepreneurship)
  5. NIFT(Fashion Technology)
  6. NID(Design)
  7. NICM(Cooperative management)
  8. NIF(Innovation)
  9. CEPT(Environmental Planning)
  10. CEE(Environment Education)
  11. IRMA(Rural Management)
I wonder if any other place in India has that number of high quality institutes of national level in that many diverse fields.

Tuesday, 3 July, 2007

Connecting to HuB in hostel (For chat only)

before I start with all this I want you to warn about couple of things.

  1. Doing this might be actually wasting your time "not working"
  2. This might be a problem with few offices, where they don't allow p2p connections. Technically it's not p2p ( chat only case ) , but hey the admins are fools, they just wanna get you for nothing.
So, as we have got the things sorted out, I am stating the original posts, which happen to be here and here.

If you read the above posts, there is just a few steps you need to know.
1. Install hamachi, join the network - btech2003, for password of the network you need to mail me.
2. download DC++ client. You can find one here.
3. Get a VIP account from me. ( Gtalk/GMail ID is abhishek [dot] chhajer)
4. Connect and waste your time chatting!

And yea btw, the counselling for B.Tech. 2007 is over and I will let you know the cut-off and post some pics if I can walk out of my room and take them from the ppl who have those. :-)

PS: This might sound kinda weird for 2001 people, as they never got to see what we built after they left :D