Monday, 22 December, 2008

If you would like to contribute

For past few months I have been inactive on blogosphere, but I plan to do the work which was supposed to be done months back. Being late always has done damage to the plans which were to be executed. Nonetheless, here is an start.

If you want to contribute to the blog, please send an email to both of us. There are few more admins, but I would like not to disturb them at this point of time.
Email's are
TO : chhajer at gmail dot com, avi at jodhpuriguy dot com

Note : We are from B.Tech2003, or say Class of' 07. So if you think that we might not know about you, add a referrer the CC section of e-mail.

Who can be a referrer?
Anyone whom I have known personally, is and can be one. I've mostly known all "good" CS/DotA players till B.Tech2005, add DC++ Operators till B.Tech2005 to the list too. If you are a junior, then just ask from 4th years, they should know me, hopefully!
Just ask them if the name "DarK" or "Abhishek Chhajer" or "Avi Mehta" rings any bells in their head, if it does, there you go. You've just found a referrer!

For new people to the blog, here is what we write about

Hoping to know much more about you, DA-IICT, and us. This is all for now.

Sunday, 7 December, 2008

Of Food and Faculty

Hey everyone... my first post here.. just copy-pasting some stuff from my blog that i wrote a few days back...

It's not often that you get to know the blokes who teach you outside the classrooms. More often than not, our interactions are just limited to the classrooms. I have been quite lucky in this respect that I have got to interact with a couple of faculty members outside the classroom environment over the last three and a half years. But what happened a couple of nights ago ws truly amazing. All of us sitting in the cafeteria, it being our last such get-together. A number of us were leaving for home the next day, and more importantly Sobu wasn't returning to college. He had been offered an internship at Qualcomm and would be in Hyderabad for the next semester. Anyways, lets not digress from the topic. So yeah, there we were sitting in the cafetaria talking from anything to everything under the sun when Manu, the guy who runs the cafe at night joined us. And well, he had some insight to offer on the food habits of our faculty members...

prof. shiv

A pretty fixed lunch... generally includes a daal, bhindi and jeera aloo.. just 2 chapatis (surprise surprise!!).. and lots of green salad... and yeah a strong coffee to top it off...

prof. mathuria

A daal a day is the motto for him... 30 days-30 daals... no deviation whatsoever... gets his veggies from home only..

prof. srivastava

Never eats in campus.. always goes home...

prof. banerjee

Well well... yeh to subah ka doodh bhi brajwasi se hi lene aate hain.. so u can guess ki khane ka to kya haal hoga.. no wonder raat ko bhi cafeteria mein hi dikhte hai... apparently, mrs. banerjee, doesn't like to cook..

Next we asked Manu kis sabse zyada kaun khata hai.. and well.. the list wasn't surprising at all...

pk chopra, prof. anil roy, kumbar....

prof. sinha (Daddu)
and prof. Jotwani were among the rare eaters... while rest everybody was almost a regular..

I wonder what happens next, now that brajwasi has finally decided to close its shop...

Friday, 5 December, 2008


Now that we're gone and years have passed, this place is uncharacteristically deserted. Apparently there are not many present students of DAIICT in the contributors list here. Life and other subsets of that keep us alumni either busy or incurious. I hope some more of the 2005,2006,2007 & 2008 batch students join in and convince their mates for the same. I'm unaware of any channel for "updates from college" or any photography enthusiast who puts up our picturesque campus on web. Some more activity and updates here might just trigger multiple responses.

PS - Take a look at the pics of Mumbai attacks and rescue operations. :|