Tuesday, 26 June, 2007

DA-IICT Scoop - IDEA ppl


Today few people from Idea came checking for students who haven't paid their pending bills and since they have left the college, I don't think they will. They(Idea ppl) were saying that there will be legal actions against the students. I posted just so that you know about the situation, if it bothers you then pay your bills, else hf!

PS : We started this place, so that ppl can tell us about what is happening in their part of the world and NOT just to hear my useless ramblings. Think about it.

hf = have fun (Just in case!)


aiq said...

I was told that my bill for the last month would be deducted from my deposit, and the remaining amount would be sent back to my home address. I haven't received this amount yet.

So if the Idea guys turn up, please ask them when I'll be getting my money. Let them know that if they don't return my money within the next two weeks, I will consider taking legal action against them. :-P

DarK said...

rest assured I will.. waise how much is deposit ?

Aditya said...

someone pay my 700 bucks.