Friday, 29 June, 2007

Weekly Roundup

A week for daiictians,
14-some posts,
42 contributors
Number 1 position on Google search...

Not Bad. But not yet good enough! With 40+ contributors, We surely can write a lot more! and what do we write? Well write about where you are, Anything interesting to share with others or just a small hi :)!

Just to ensure that the site it utilized to the fullest, I'll describe some of the features of the website to you:
  • Apart from the blog posts that are available on left column, You can also have a look at the reactions made by visitors on our posts. That's the first thing on column 2.
  • To its right, you find the site feeds.. Site Feed are an efficient way to distribute content to large number of users. You in generally click on the feed and add the link to a feed reader. There are many options that you can explore for feed readers like iGoogle, Google reader, MyYahoo, netvibes etc. My personal favourite being Google reader.
  • Below the feeds is the block named "Elsewhere..". In this block you will see what other daiictians have posted on their own blogs recently.. If you want your blog to be added to that list, please mail the link of the blog to "". I'll add them add them as soon as possible to the tracker.
  • Below the recent comments is the Polls section. Do vote on those about-weekly polls!
  • Going down, we see a lots of contributors for this blog, the list of archive and the list of labels.
  • Bonus feature :) : Now you can view the snapshots of external websites by moving the mouse over the small icon next to links...
This is all for now but we would sure enough keep the changes coming... Meanwhile just a reminder: If you are a daiictian, You have the right to post on this blog(of course others have that too :) Just let me or abhishek know your email address so that we can add you to the list of contributors. Mail us at: "" or abhishek[dot]chhajer@gmail[dot]com


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DarK said...

good work explaining it..