Saturday, 23 June, 2007


Since we started DC++ in DAIICT, just in case to clear myself of all guilt, we started it as a solution for both students and DAIICT admins. In case you don't understand it feel free to ask it later(comments). For now to the main story, since start of DC++ I have been getting these kind of messages...
(naman) >>>>thr?
(me) >>>yea
(naman) >>do u kno ne1 who has west wing?
(me) >nope
(naman) k
At times it makes me think.. God dammit.. I am not a f***ing directory. Do you agree ?


Mouse said...

hmm.. well, at least you had the courtesy to reply. i just ignore these messages :)

aiq said...

Naman, any comments? :-D

Naman said...

dude, i just thought you might have watched it in the past and so you might know who has it stocked up on a dvd. was just taking my chances, i guess i knocked on the wrong door. sorry for the trouble!

DarK said...

well i am not blaming anyone.. ;)
but after a time and getting similar questions again n again.. it does gets boring :D

ispeaker said...

so Dark, will you enlighten us about your original idea, (reg daiict admins and all).

I still remember the article in entlechy (sorry spelling) abt dc++ and i never thought it was going to become so huge.

It would be good to know abt the detail story from the man who started the whole revolution ;), srsly