Friday, 22 June, 2007


Hello and welcome,
This is the place where we lay the groundwork for this blog. I know most of you might think I have nothing else to do, well that is quite true ;)
I am stuck here in DA-IICT paying for my deeds and creating more and more blogs :)

First why one more blog ? or more specific why this blog?
Well as my idea for follows, this is also meant to be a common blog. Here you can write about anything, everything. It can range from your weird ideas to a bad experiences. I am new to blogger so I have no idea if there is any limit on number of users that can be added to a single blog. If the limit is less than 50 then I will delete this blog.
To have a greater idea of what you can put here,
  • Blog posts of you OWN blog
  • Any random thought
  • Collection of good links
  • Stuff happening in your lives
  • News ( not necessarily related to DA-IICT )
  • Review of a new movie/TV show you have recently seen
  • Joined a job or college tell us about the place!
  • Awards/Competitions anyone ?
  • Any good games or time pass stuff on web
  • Pictures you have recently taken on a trip
I guess that covers many things. But as I said you can post anything related to you, or something you want people to know about.
Only thing which is discouraged is COPY+PASTE. I know we all are good at that part (heck that's how most of us passed B.Tech.), but it's discouraged here. However you can post your own view about any post, news and similar stuff.

That's all fellas.. hope you join us soon.

Till then...


DarK said...

test comment # 1

Shruti Garg said...

Good idea to remain connected..nw rather than visiting individual blogs, one could simply land in here n kno wat fellow daiictians r doing..

Chintan Agarwal said...

cool initiative! Hail the dark lord.

Adroit said...

bravo..nice initiative..

tejaswi said...

cool initiative! Hail the dark lord>