Friday, 5 December, 2008


Now that we're gone and years have passed, this place is uncharacteristically deserted. Apparently there are not many present students of DAIICT in the contributors list here. Life and other subsets of that keep us alumni either busy or incurious. I hope some more of the 2005,2006,2007 & 2008 batch students join in and convince their mates for the same. I'm unaware of any channel for "updates from college" or any photography enthusiast who puts up our picturesque campus on web. Some more activity and updates here might just trigger multiple responses.

PS - Take a look at the pics of Mumbai attacks and rescue operations. :|


Pavan Daxini said...

hmm... so how can any btech 2008 student contribute to this blog??

[Amod] said...

They are in the campus and a lot of stuff would be happening there. Faculty transitions, Synapse 2009, cultural night, exams, games
etc. just to give an idea.
Which batch are you from?

Avi said...

Hi Pavan,

In case you are talking about the technical issue, Abhishek Chhajer or I will add you to the contributors list. Just send us an email(from gmail) and we will add you to the list of authors. You can mail me at: avi[at]jodhpuriguy[dot]com.

Once you are added, you can simply go to and start writing a post.