Wednesday, 26 December, 2007

Taare Zameen Par

Hats off to Amir Khan for again delivering a quality product and for me,an answer to the 2007's equally good movie 'Chak De'.But the credit should be given to Tare... for striking the right note with such a sensuous but difficult subject. So beautiful was the portrayal of emotions in this movie that can leave, even the not-so-soft-hearted ones, spell-bound. I guess almost all the women crowd gathered in the hall was sobering :).
And not to mention, amazing timing of all the songs...Simply Superb. All the actors fit well in their roles and i am sure they can give anyone a run for their money. Especially Tisca Chopra, stupendous performance!!!. I guess she was the emotional fulcrum of the movie, since she was a character which is emotionally very attached with Darsheel(the kid). It was a very important character and she played the part beautifully.
In the end a very nice movie for everyone.

A Little Sweet, A Little Sour
A Little Close Not Too Far
All I Need, All I Need
All I Need Is To Be Free...

Chhoo Loon Main
Itna Kareeb
Chal Padun
To Kitne Door..


Anon said...

watching aamir's movie is a good bet, I haven't seen this one yet... lets see when i get to

snoopfrog said...

whos dada