Wednesday, 12 December, 2007

the new flock web-browser

for those who do not know about flock, read on
Wikipedia says
"Flock is a web browser heavily based upon Mozilla Firefox and other Mozilla technologies. Flock is also the name of the company developing the browser. Flock's creators call it a "social browser", due to its ability to interact with popular social networking web services. Such web services include Flickr, Facebook, YouTube,, Technorati, Photobucket, and various popular blogging and news aggregation services."

My use for flock is to blog, simple and fast. I am a fan of apps which use internet in background, like Amarok with audioscrobbler and wikipedia and alike softwares. basically using internet without using a browser actually. Although flock is a browser it still is kinda mix between the two. Give it a shot, it contains too many things to be my primary browser, but few of you might like the facebook, orkut, flickr, blogging etc etc features.

Blogged with Flock

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