Monday, 24 December, 2007

Instant unlimited music - Seeqpod

Being the ICTians we are, most of us know how to get our choice music using Internet - bit torrents, p2p (our lovely dc++) and websites(welcome to the world of spywares and pop up windows). However one of the biggest problem is that before listening to the music, you have to download it first. Especially in India where the bandwidth is a premium, it sucks to wait 5 minutes(50 minutes if you are in DAIICT) for a song to download, only to discover that it is not the one you want.

Welcome - Seeqpod. A website where you just enter the song/artist information in search box and listen to your music right then without the need to download it. With the obvious benefits of saving time and having access to one of the biggest music libraries; it also allows you to listen music without the guilt (or risk) of downloading illegal music. Just like Google searches the Internet for web pages, this website keeps track of music shared by anyone on the Internet (http/ftp servers). Other features include letting you create, save and share custom playlists your choice songs, and automatically searching for the video of your music on Youtube.
There are various alternatives on the Internet like imeem and SplashCast. However I find the clean interface of seeqpod best of the lot and since it's casting a wide net, SeeqPod provides the best results of any of the programs.

If you want to download the music for listening on the go, you will need more than the much honed copy-paste skills. Although the website does show the song link, it seems to be flash based and copying the link seems impossible. So you can either choose the easy(but prone to human errors) way of looking and typing the music link into the browser, or the more complex way as mentioned here


Kanishk said...

Thanks Neo!
Found exactly what i was looking for.


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"the guilt"