Saturday, 24 November, 2007

sunscreen advise to those in final year in college.

  • Value City Pulse, you will soon find out that there are more expensive, less comfortable and more distant places to bear a bollywood flick.
  • Value Mannu and Daddu, they are your best friend, especially of those with late night appetites.
  • Value your open air theatre, its no fun to see Yuvraj hit six sixes on a twenty one inch box and that too alone.
  • Value your neighbouring room, even if it has a stinky occupant who likes Himesh Reshammiya, soon you will have far more unbearable characters in your life.
  • Value the library, soon all your reading material will limit to sleazy pages of the morning newspapers.
  • Value your playing field, semi-clad sweating jogging chicks can attract you to jog on the roads but at the end of the day your knees will hurt like crap.
  • Value Sardar Kebab junction, just take my word for this one, if Gods ate, theyd eat his butter chicken and momos.
  • Value the galla, the brightest, smartest and most intellectual discussions of your life are over once you are out of college.
  • Value your instructors, soon you will encounter some waste of human organs instructing you.
  • Value E-FJunction, soon you will understand that cafes and pubs are as good for hanging out as a toilet seat is for tap dancing.
  • Value corridor cricket, it is, was and will always be the zenith of human endurance.
  • Value mafia, your professional life will depend upon the skills you gain from it.
  • Value your LAN, soon you will have a limited collection of hundred odd films and a two hundred GB harddisk ! yes you will.
  • Value your labs, soon you will start spending nights in front of the computer at a desk, for someone else.
  • Value your room mate, soon you may end up with a Karmic Healing freak.


Chintan Agarwal said...

Hey, you forgot the sunscreen!

Avi said...

haha nice one ujj!!

waise kya sunscreen chintan??

Avi said...

arre college wale logon!! kuch college ke posts bhi kar do yaar!!

DarK said...

i got 320+100 GB HDD's ujj :)

aiq said...

What this article has to do with sunscreen:

Article from Chicago Tribune

Avi said...

oh never came across that before! :)

Anonymous said...


DaDa said...

1.5 years after the college remembering all these still make me feel miserable. So, if u don't want to feel like this, try refraining from all this(which u cant) sooner or later u are welcome to the club :)

Mads said...

lol i dunno if non da iictians can comment or not...delete this if u wanna :D lol funny post this also studying in pulse n sardar kabab rocks! :D