Wednesday, 14 November, 2007

Links and 3 reasons

Interesting read

Especially where he points about the world where activation doesn't exist.
Apparently I have a feeling that windows users don't blog as much (ratio wise), or read blogs, online tech communities as much as linux users. Or maybe it's because linux gives so many problems that you cannot afford to be NOT online.

My top 3 reasons for not switching to linux
  1. No voice support for Google Talk in linux (some, workarounds are on the way)
  2. Gaming (Wine or Cedega is not a great option)
  3. Absence of decent (256kbps or more) internet connection
Luckily I am not using voice chat that much, but I do miss it at times, all my games are running perfectly on cedega with 512RAM(only), and I have a decent internet connection, so I am using linux ;-)