Saturday, 11 August, 2007

Small Achievement

Hi All,

Greetings from Arpit Gupta from USA

I am having great learning and fun time here with only drag of cooking my own food and doing lots of personal chores that I haven’t done at DA-IICT. With this post I wanted to share my small achievement in blog world and contribute something to this blog.

Basically, one of my posts from my blog on strategic areas of Engineering Management has been selected by, popular business website. Check out Businesspundit

Just scroll slightly down and you would find my blog post titled “Blue Ocean Strategy”.
My blog link: Blog

I got lots of comments posted on this post, but unfortunately it does not show to others. So, I will be soon moving this blog out to blogger. By the way I was excited to see my own name in the feeds of Businesspundit.

Daiictians keep rocking !

1 comment:

Chintan Agarwal said...

Way to go. I am sure that this is just the start. Hope that your posts become a regular feature on Businesspundit.