Friday, 3 August, 2007

Chennai Mathematical Institute

After a week I have internet access again. I think most of us can imagine how it feels like. Well for most of us who care and don't know yet I am now in CMI eating south Indian food, reading for a change(not anymore, now i have internet access). The college is small, even compared to DA-IICT. CMI houses only 100+ students and the campus is in an upcoming area, which is a dump as of now. We don't get anything here, you need to go to Chennai for most things, and ermm... that's all for now will update you guys later about the place, once the lectures start.

PS : Are all Infosys ppl joining on 28th August @ Mysore?


Kanishk said...

best if luck to you and bokaro.. on your new journey in the field of education ;)

do give CMI people the gift of DC++..

Kanishk said...

Please read "if" as "of" in the above comment.. Sry for typo.