Saturday, 18 August, 2007

First Blood at Mindtree

I have an idea. Stop laughing. I think (stop it) it would be great if people working in various companies write about their first blood experiences in this place. It might help the current senior batch to decide upon joining etc. Let me start with telling a little about Mindtree, where I am working as an Engineer in the R&D Services division in C++ practice.

Ok heres the thing. Mindtree is a no frills company. If you have any intentions of making big bucks, right from the word go, this might not be the best place for you, but if you are looking to make a career, I suggest you give Mindtree a chance to groom you. A lot of people would have told you that at Mindtree you do a lot of work. Let me tell you, they could'nt be any more wrong. At Mindtree, you get to blow your assess away working. You get to learn more at Mindtree in one single working hour than you would in a week in most other firms. The bottom line being, everyone here wants this company to be the youngest billion dollar company and by God you wouldnt believe how soon people here believe theyr going to get there.

The other extremely neat thing about this company is the profile of its top management. Most of them have had no formal management degrees, all they have is several hundred years' experience and an incredibly sharp brain between their ears. Its all about talent and nurturing yourself in Mindtree. The learning opportunities are plenty, especially if you are just out of campus and dont mind working twelve hours a day and further don't mind whether its the first twelve or the last.

Its exciting to hear the top management because most of the people in the team that founded Mindtree were wanna be entrepreneurs all their lives and when the opportunity came, they held it with both hands. Its one of those few firms that say openly that they want Mindtree minds (they don't call us employees) to be future leaders. Its a strange organization, most of the people working here have offers of much higher paying jobs, but they still don't seem to be interested in quiting. I think I'm a little too young to understand the reason as of now but whatever it is, its something pretty big.

I would suggest people who have opted for Mindtree to try getting a project in Mindtree. The exposure it would give you would be great, plus you would get to know your future bosses better. Always helps ;)


DarK said...

looks like Ujj having fun :)

Abhay said...

felt gud reading it, now tht i've to join the place in 2 months time.

ps: how do i join the list of bloggers on this blog ?

Ujj said...

@dark: I sure am. :)

@abhay: dark send him an invite man.

finance courses said...

Great advice you got there. Exposure and experience is really important. Thanks!