Thursday, 12 February, 2009

This is not an update

Feels strange to see this page after a real long time and find nothing interesting posted, so I think I'll do a bit of justice for the wider audience.

Alright, since I got here, there have been two major events at DAIICT. Terrible overall, but since you're feeling nostalgic and shit, any news is good news right?

Again, if you're looking for intricate details on both events, I suggest browsing thru orkut scrapbooks and albums, or wait for some kind soul to take the time and pain to post an account of sorts. The 5th convocation on Jan 31st and Synapse last weekend, those were the events.

So, what I'm going to tell you isn't really about how awesome everyone looked or how people got booted out of the hostel at 4 am for "possession" of liquor, or the big row that ensued thereafter between one faculty group and M.V. Joshi (the current something of whatever it is they're calling it nowadays) and an unexpected victory for the "graduates" involved. A real heartbreaking story that, one of how one group of students with the help of one old, fat, but tough professor fought for justice and won, albeit at the cost of 5000 bux, so I'm not going to tell you about it, just wait for the movie.

Nor am I going to talk about Synapse, which was more hyped up than any of the ones you've seen in the past... i mean there was a fucking billboard advertisement for Synapse in some godforsaken area of Ahmedabad, and as usual, everything but the rock show, sucked.

What I'd really like to share with you people is how kaloo (G Hareesh [200401073]) currently employed by Infosys (god save them) bought an amazing bike for 23,475 INR. It's an amazing bike really, and if you're thinking value for money... guess what, it's got 24 gears!! So, that's roughly one gear per 1000 bux. What's even more interesting is that it's a fucking cycle (or mountain bike as they call it) that weighs all of 12kgs and it has rims that wont bend or break (like the one in that Zach Braff movie). I dont have the link right now, but will update as soon as i fish it out of my chat logs.. but then again, mad respect to kaloo for only he can pull something like this off...

There's more interesting news, but its got nothing to do with DAIICT.. Amazon's been selling a virtual rape game, in which well you can virtually rape women, they've removed the page now, but you can still find it in google's cache if you search around a bit and are bored out of your skull.

That's it for now. Wait eagerly for some real updates.

PS: This is not my first attempt at "public writing" (wtf is public writing anyway) , so all your feedback and suggested improvements can be duly stuffed up your own backsides.


Anonymous said...

you're a fucking moron, go die in a fire.

also, HI MOUSE <3333 ^_~ xoxo lulwut

your secret admiror

Bhavesh said...

i would say, 'this is why i love/miss daiict' but that would go against the spirit of the post. awaiting the movie.
also, if u can seed a pirated copy of the game, i promise to help you hunt your wannabe 'admiror' and create an avatar for him/her in the said game.