Tuesday, 4 March, 2008

Synapse Day 3

Same disclaimer as before.

Ok, Day 3 (With all the spelling mistakes)

There was this DJ thing that took place in the FC, lots of dancing, sadly no girls this time, there was the DJ night on the 1st night itself that I think I forgot to mention. Yes, sad to say I did dance, both times, I was wearing black though so no one could see anthing other than jeans moving the 1st night- there were also GNLU girls dancing with us, the second time was in broad daylight - which I think I'll end up regretting for the rest of my life.

Jokes apart, I sat through one of the worst footloose competitions in the entire history of synapse, well -- worse than the last two years any ways. it was just the same set of guys doing the same set of things again and again and again and .... Our college won the group thing ... Dance coders were pretty decent ..., in the small duration between the end of the performances and the announcement of the results there was a short performance by these two kids (couldnt be older than 6 ?) to that aamir khan number from taare zamin par - those guys got the max amount of cheering from the audience. Annnd there was this girl from Nirma who had come a day late for naach so she performed but wasnt judged, she was in my opinion pretty good - could have given srujith and co# a run for their money, had she come in time.

Then at like 9 or so RagnaRok started, it was good !!! just on the wrong day. I wish that they had had ragna yesterday, and Cynosure right after that ? or Today. There were a total of 8 teams, the last one was HTB (the DAIICT team), or Hum toh Bajayenge ('We Will Play' in Hindi, or maybe 'We will Beat Up' it can mean both), they had their last time together , it was a laugh kind of. The Bands played Trivium (they messed that one up -Lights to Flies), and Pearl Jam (I forgot to mention that Black Played Pearl Jam as well - they played the song Black). The band that won it in the end was Manefus(it means royal eagle in egyption they claim) I think, and the Best Drummer went to Nephalim(means band from hell), the Best ohh forget it. Listen to them all at - tempostand Along with Black, all brought to you by Naman, Thakur, Ujjawal, and well I dunno. ...

Feel like dancing, they should have kept the DJ night tonight itself, too much unused energy need to burn it off, which is why this post.


ArchTemplar said...

back due to popular request (just bobli but he is popular enough)

Ankush Jhalani said...

ne news abt top gun ? ?

Anonymous said...

hey chintan

is NIFT close to DAIICT? what's the city life around DAIICT like? are the students allowed to go out of the premises? if yes, is the city close or very far? some say DAIICT is located in quite a secluded place or something.could you please answer my queries?further what rank does one need in aieee to get through the councelling of the DAIICT?

Rahul said...

Hey thanks for the update. :)

Miss the dance nights at college. Used to do crap on stage :D and still run away with some applause.

Miss the dj nights too. I did not dance at Felicity's dj night. It's just not Synapse :(

Good that we're having Ragnarok going full throttle. Someone has to work towards having a good 'Footloose' too :x considering what I've seen here this year.

Chintan Agarwal said...

@ Anonymous
Yes, DAIICT is in secluded place but it doesn't really matter. You'll probably live the most comfortable (and enjoyable) part of your life there. I guess DAIICT AIEEE rank goes upto 10000. And ya, DAIICT's close to NIFT and there is no restriction on going out at DAIICT.

Anonymous said...

thanks dude.now could you suggest me ways to crack aieee and land up there in daiict?i shall be very highly obliged.

thanks a tonne buddy.

Avi said...


Chintan Agarwal said...

@ anonymous
Reveal thyself

Anonymous said...

hey chintan.my name is priya and am appearing for my boards right now.and it's my earnest desire to get admission in daiict,and hence the resultant enquiries.now do i get some suggestions or do i still need to fulfill some other conditions:P

Chintan Agarwal said...

@ Priya
Sorry for that but anonymous comments have a shady feeling about them.
Anyway, to get into DAIICT, get an AIR<8000 in AIEEE. Though AIEEE has undergone some change since our time, think that clarity of concepts and common sense are enough to get a good rank in AIEEE. Best of luck, hope you reach DAIICT!