Tuesday, 4 March, 2008

Synapse Day 2

I'm just mirroring what is on my blog, sorry but yet again no spell checks.

This one is about synapse day 2.

The previous post despite my crappy spellings did kind of give a rough idea of what happened on day 1 of synapse. Now, we move on to day 2. Day 2 had the following major events - cynosure, Raphsody (the Indian and the instrumentals) and Naach the 'classical/Indian' dance competition. Ok, so the Raphsody was ok, nooot all the great, the instrumentals were good, but the others were ok, Kiriti did a good job, I think most of the people did actually enjoy his version of the colonial cousins and A Band Of Boys - medely I think they did it pretty seemlessly. During some break in the performances Prof. Hrishikesh Venkatraman, was asked to sing, he was sporting enough to do so, though the crowd didn't seem to think much of it, in my opinion he was decent.

What else, let's see ... I think the only thing I remember about Naach was srujith's dance, which was the same thing he always does that Chandramukhi(Bhool Bhulaiya) one, it was good of course, don't remember the results.

There was procenium of course, I think our college did a decent job, the others were kind of saaad, corny jokes being repeated, and gags being shown jsut for the sake of getting a laugh without the story heading any where. Our's was first somthing about hostages being divided along religious lines, then there was Symbiosis which in my opinion was crap, then there was DEC, which again sucked, by the time ours (1st years I think)came again I deceided I wanted to eat so I left so I missed it but I think it would have been decent. Mica was good, seriously good.

Then came the event I think every one was waiting for, Cynosure was good , seriously good. There were two bands, Agnee and Black, Agni is the one that has done that theme song for MTV roadies. They had stage presence - Mohan, Koko, Arijit (Chinku), and the guy on the synth (can't remember his name), I met them all as well, but alas didn't go fanboy on them and didn't get photos with them, though I am sure I must be visible in some of the photos that all the girls had taken with them. Agnee was good, but Black was awesome, made staying back worth it. They did their originals and some seriously good covers (by good I mean the choice of songs, they claimed their covers sucked -- I couldn't notice any big messups). They did TOOLs sober, they did a very intersting version of Hotel California, they did some other stuff - one original was called field of thorns I think.

Then they left, well almost, Arijit from Agnee was up there on a chair (like 3 feet away from me and almost falling off on top of us), coordinating the crowds chants with a "get back" and etc. etc. ... Finally they did come back, but didn't know what to play (couldn't play snow patrol or RATM), so they played Led Zep- Stairway to Heaven. which was awesome. !!!

This was at like 3 or so at night ... so ... that was the end of Day 2.

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srujith said...

watever dude...i danced to the bhool bhulaiyya thing just twice :x
I danced to other songs 4 other times :x