Friday, 28 September, 2007





Ok, alright it's not that big deal, but just that you know I got my DA-IICT email forwarding enabled now.

All my DA-IICT emails are now automatically forwarded to my GMail ID now.. which is kinda nice as DAIICT gives us only 5MB Inbox.

That's all folks from my side.

Note: Not many people are active here, so it kinds of defeats the purpose of the blog. I want to test few things

    1. Do anyone looks at the blog at all !
    2. Is anyone interested in blogging here at all !

I'll put up a poll soon.

Have fun

Abhishek aka DarK

EDIT : for people who wanted to know how I got it done

I mailed the sysadmin [at] daiict about 6 times to setup a forwarding to my GMail.


AMBUJ said...


keep up the good work , really good seeing daiict on the blogosphere

Anyways used to blog quite frequently here's my blog :


~Amod~ said...

Yes, ppl still read it. :)
Please let me know how to autoforward DA-IICT emails. It would be very nice!

Lanky said...

Some things.

This word verification thingy deters people from leaving comments. One could do away with it. Don't worry. We won't get spam. I know because I removed it after using it for some time and I never got spam.

Tell me how to do the webmail thing. It's kinda cool. And since, you were the one kicking me from dcpp, you owe me a favor as well.

People don't blog here because they are too selfish I presume. All one can do is post posts from one's own blog. Is that agreeable?