Sunday, 9 September, 2007

Look around Chennai

For those who know more than just my name ( well few don't even know that, but my post is for those who know me :P), I think they can recall how lazy am I. Well friends that hasn't faded yet, but I did went on a "cycle trip" to Mahabalipuram and a recent trip for bird watching. For those who want to see some pictures,

The whole point of going on a cycle, we could stop midway to visit the beach. Picture taken early morning


The Mahabalipuram Shore Temple


Tired people :)

Lazy crocodiles in the "Crocodile Park"

My footsteps

Mahabalipuram is famous for it's Shore Temple and some more old sculptures, found nearby. And there is are quite some number of tourists, mostly from rest of Asia? I am not sure. Whatever, the point is there are tourists around there, so everything is quite costly.

For those who have all the time in their life to waste, I have uploaded about 100 (to be exact 98) pictures of the trip.

2. Bird watching :- First of all, unfortunately due to effect of lack of sleep, on a humans capability to recall stuff I forgot to take my camera for the trip :(, but still I have few questions.

  1. How many kinds of crow you know of?
  2. Who is/was Salim Ali?

try to answer without googling!

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aiq said...

I visited Mahabalipuram recently...nice place.