Saturday, 9 February, 2008


A 'k'onversation between two people.
I believe few of you will understand who are are the two ppl talking here. If not and you are too eager to know then ask me on GTalk or mail me :-)

NOTE : The names have been changed, and i fixed a few typos(3 to be exact). My comments are in a [ ] bracket.

SomeRandomNick: we just screened a movie :D
and it was pirated :D

Movie_Club_Guy: lol.. i was expecting dis frm u.. :@
d piracy king...

SomeRandomNick: at least we can screen "LATEST" movie, and not movies from 80's

Movie_Club_Guy: d inventor of DC
>_<, so u started a film club thr too..? :O pirate and you are the user
users are to be blamed
nope, it was already there
[ the creators of TCP/IP are still not in jail, coz it enables torrents to share data, torrents use TCP/IP, you see you cannot blame the manufacturer/inventor of AK-47 for all the deaths in the world]

Movie_Club_Guy: oh!! so u just introduced piracy in it..

SomeRandomNick: nope, they were already screening pirated movies

Movie_Club_Guy: shame on u guys..

SomeRandomNick: o'rly?

Movie_Club_Guy: so irresponsible

SomeRandomNick: how?

Movie_Club_Guy: by supporting piracy....
in pblic

SomeRandomNick: it's "PRIVATE" screening

Movie_Club_Guy: btw which movy u screened..?

SomeRandomNick: some comedy movie

Movie_Club_Guy: o'rly?

SomeRandomNick: nah

Movie_Club_Guy: hindi aur eng..?

SomeRandomNick: it was a horror flick

Movie_Club_Guy: hey bhagwan!!!!!
den it doesn't maater.. :P

SomeRandomNick: o'rly?
dual standards

Movie_Club_Guy: :yes:
who d f cares abt tamil ...

SomeRandomNick: hypocrite, bastards

Movie_Club_Guy: thanxx :D

SomeRandomNick: yw

Movie_Club_Guy: and u r happy..becoz u can watch latest tamil movies.. :lol:

SomeRandomNick: you think so ?

Movie_Club_Guy: u said so

SomeRandomNick: yeah i did

Movie_Club_Guy: so u r not happy..???

SomeRandomNick: i never said i am not.. i have pirated movies, what more i want

Movie_Club_Guy: gud job dude.... (Y) keep it up...

SomeRandomNick: you try to screen latest "HIT" movie for a change, which was aired in 2008 !

Movie_Club_Guy: we did....
JAB we met...
chak de india...

SomeRandomNick: "HIT"
not 07

Movie_Club_Guy: d criteria is "worth screening + original"
dats all
[Maybe they need to revise the criteria, but then... ]

SomeRandomNick: i know what the criteria is

Movie_Club_Guy: and 1 more "they must not be tamil".. :lol:
yaa u got it

SomeRandomNick: just sticking to a sinking ship

Movie_Club_Guy: atleast it is a HOLY ship....
[HOLY ship, reaaaally?]

SomeRandomNick: HOLY :O
how does that come in picture?

Movie_Club_Guy: not pirated..

SomeRandomNick: so there are 2 types of movies.. HOLY and pirated!
right ?

Movie_Club_Guy: we hav maintained our dignity..

SomeRandomNick: i wud like to know how many movies you "BUY" after you leave college

Movie_Club_Guy: dude dude due....u havn't got me yet....

SomeRandomNick: mayb i know, that you have dual standards.. right ?

Movie_Club_Guy: i personally don't hate piracy..but wen it comes to film club.. i totally refuse it..

SomeRandomNick: so i won't get it

Movie_Club_Guy: yaa u can call it dual standard. or watever

SomeRandomNick: this goes to my blog :D

Movie_Club_Guy: waah!!!
as ppl regularly visit ur blog..:lol:

SomeRandomNick: i will ask them to ;)
and put link in dcpp too :)

Movie_Club_Guy: gud..
so u were collecting material for ur blog here....

SomeRandomNick: nope, i wasn't

and i thought u wanna chat wid me :(


snoopfrog said...

let me make a wild guess.
this is just a guess.
random nick guy = brainless moron
movie club guy = spastic retard

dark and coolhim

have i mentioned that this is just a guess?


DarK said...

how is reliance treating you moorty ?

snoopfrog said...

reading this post ruined my day, and i think it reduced my IQ by a couple of percentage points. thank you chajjer for totally enlivening my otherwise worthless existence by providing a target. i will stalk you over the internet, and whereever you may post, wherever your fould slimy tentacles of stupidity might reach, whomsoever you might attempt to ensnare with your foul words of utter get the point

Ujj said...

I started reading this post on my computer enjoying the free wifi of a coffee shop. Read some thirty words. Fell into a deep sleep. Someone stole my spectacles.
You owe me two hundred and fourteen bucks.

DarK said...

@moorty : enjoy your -ve IQ

@ujj : ICICI account number?

snoopfrog said...

if IQ drops by a certain %, it doesnt go negative. cretin.

DarK said...

if that % > 100, then it becomes -ve
but you won;t get it, you need +ve IQ for that

Anonymous said...

lol! Owned!

Ankush Jhalani said...

burnnn !!! served :P

snoopfrog said...

read the post again :) i said a couple of percentage points, >100 is <> couple

more possts on the blog please, i get very bored at work

Anonymous said...

clueless daiictians

hate mongering

why 'hey bhagwan!' for a tamil flick?

stay stupid.