Tuesday, 15 January, 2008


I was just wondering if we, as bloggers/netizens, could help DAIICT. I think the answer to that question is obvious given the rising number of students who crawl the net for information about the institutes they might consider.
For starters
  • we could post on various forums which students use for information gathering
  • we could monitor yahoo answers for questions on DAIICT and answer them
  • we could do something about the stupid Indian Express article appearing on the 1st page when searching for "daiict" on google. How? Just post some more interesting stuff about DAIICT that people might want to read and hence push that page down the popularity ranks.


Anonymous said...


That's a very good idea. One more thing we can do is get the alumni association going. I don't see the official alumni assoc. becoming a reality, so maybe we could start something like an formal organization ourselves?

As part of this, we could also maintain a website (directed towards non-DAIICTians) with accurate information about DAIICT. If we get the help of current students, we can also keep it updated with the latest news and events.

What do you think?

Ramnath R Iyer

Avi said...


Ravi Atluri said...

i second ramnath....!!!

m planning a revamp of the alumni website interface..!!!
but m nt sure, if i would be allowed to do tht or not..!!!

Chintan Agarwal said...

I think Ramnath has given the right direction. Let's see if we can work out the details in the coming weeks. Waiting for inputs from more DAIICTians.